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Will Trusts

Will trusts protect your assets and loved ones by addressing potential vulnerability in your estate. If you have children from a previous relationship, property you wish to protect or a vulnerable beneficiary, adding a Will trust may be beneficial.


Allows someone such as your partner to continue living in your solely owned property, either for life or for a period of time, whilst ultimately keeping it safe for someone else such as your children.


Property Protection

Allows your spouse or a partner to continue living in, or have a beneficial use of your property (or a share of it) for life, whilst ultimately keeping it safe for someone else such as your children.

Single: £350
Mirror: £675

Life Interest

Allows you to protect the capital of any property, cash assets and other investments for your ultimate beneficiaries, such as your children, whilst giving the income to your spouse or partner for life.

Single: £350
Mirror: £675


Allows you to leave assets for the benefit of a vulnerable beneficiary (e.g. someone with a learning disability) to be held by the chosen trustees who can then protect the beneficiary from being taken advantage of.

Single: £325
Mirror: £600

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